Latest Race News

  • 2014-2015 Tom Cottrell’s Swimmers’ Guide to Open Water Swimming in South Africa - about to launch but take a sneak peek at the app in the mean time.
  • Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series 8 - 7 September 2014. Start: UShaka Pier, or in Front of Marine Depending on Conditions – KZN. A race for you to do on the first weekend of September.
  • First Sunday Of The Month Swim – Sept - 7 September 2014. Start: Fourth Beach, Clifton Bay – WC. A race for you to do on the first weekend of September.
  • Our featured race - the Dis-Chem Sun City Swim - 18 October 2014. Start: Waterworld Dam, Sun City Cabanas - NWP.



We have a new blogger on our page - welcome Marie Du Toit! She shares her journey as a beginner to the world of open water swims.



We will let you know as soon as the 2014 - 2015 Swim Season is live on the Swimmers' Guide website! Remember if you are a subscriber and logged in then you can access full race information and we will be emailing you as soon as we go live!


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